Hoodwinked! Update

A quick note to update my dear readership on my travails in the case of the Jameson bottle switcharoo.  Well, on her next visit to the liquor store in question, Little Bitty Bits gently mentioned what happened to the guy working there, carefully avoiding blaming the store or asking for any recompense.  To his credit, the guy immediately told her to bring the bottle back in, and said that he’d tell the salesperson and see what he could do.

Fast forward to this week, our next visit to that store, and as soon as we walked through the door, the gentleman working there hustled into the back room.  He came out and explained that he spoke to the salesperson and was able to offer a trade: a bottle of Highland Park 12 with a torn label.

While not quite an equal exchange in terms of price (in my hood, HP 12 goes for $3 less than Jameson 12), I was eager to accept that bottle.  HP 12, as I noted earlier, was the whisky that really made me think that maybe, just maybe, there is something to this Scotch thing.  And in the months since I’ve finished that bottle, I know for a fact that my palate has changed significantly.  So I’m eager to try this one again.  Keep your eye out for that review.

Speaking of upcoming reviews, it looks like the upcoming few will be Scotches – Compass Box Asyla, Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban, and Old Pulteney 12.  Keep your eyes peeled for those.

Finally, my latest purchase was the much-heralded Talisker 10.  It is currently in the box, awaiting the kicking of one of its predecessors.  I can’t wait to try it.



Last week, on Saint Patrick’s Day, Little Bitty Bits (the wife) got me a gift: a nice bottle of Jameson 12.  Longtime readers of this blog (i.e., those who have read it for a month) might remember that I am a big fan of Jameson 12.  It was the bottle that convinced me that, after years of beer drinking, I can learn to love whiskey.  I had just kicked my bottle of Redbreast 12, so I eagerly put the gift bottle out for future enjoyment.

Now LBB, like me, is a proponant of a certain school of gift-giving which believes in gifts that give joy not just to the recipient, but to the giver as well.  In other words, she wanted some of the booze that she just bought.  So she opened the bottle that day.

Fast forward to yesterday.  It’s Friday night and I feel alright, and the party’s about to be here on the west side.  So I reach to pull the cork on the Jameson 12 and — hold on a second, there’s no cork.  It is a screw top.  I could swear that the last bottle was corked.  Hmmm … my mind starts turning … nah, couldn’t be … I’m just being paranoid … I hold the bottle up and study the label a bit.  I’m no expert on Jameson labels, but I’m not seeing anything indicating that this is the 12 year.  It seems to read as just the regular Jameson.  I go straight to the Google machine, and my suspicions are confirmed – the bottle in my hands is not Jameson 12, but the standard Jameson!

What is wrong with this picture?

Now, normally I would have marched straight back to the liquor store (insomuch as you can march in a car), shown them the discrepency and demanded satisfaction.  However, this is a bit complicated because LBB had opened the bottle and had two drinks from it.  What is to stop any customer from coming into their store with an open bottle of Jameson claiming to have purchased the wrong thing?

What do you say, whiskey world?  Has anything like this happened to you?  This is from a store that I’ve often frequented, and knowing the workers there a bit, I’d be surprised if this was something done by the store.  That said, LBB and I did stop by there last night and I took a peek into the only other Jameson 12 package there, and it did indeed contain the proper whiskey.

The basic takeaway is that this is a loss of about $20.  We paid $44 for a $24 bottle.  What would/could you do about it?